Contact the KUGB

This page contains ways to contact the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB).

KUGB Head Office

PO Box 3
CH43 6XX

Telephone: 0151 652 6062

KUGB Child Protection & Welfare Officer

Please address all Child Protection related correspondence with "FAO: Child Protection & Welfare Officer" and post it to the KUGB Head Office at the above address.

For confidential matters, please also write "CONFIDENTIAL" clearly on the envelope.

Telephone: 07930 324 556


Contact Form

This form can be used to contact the KUGB by email. General enquiries should be sent to the 'KUGB Head Office / KUGB Administration', or, to send an email to the KUGB Child Protection & Welfare Officer, choose 'KUGB Child Protection & Welfare Officer' from the 'Who do you wish to contact' list.

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