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Frequently Asked Questions


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Where is the nearest Club

Please visit our Club Locations section.

When and where is the next course/championship/meeting etc

Please visit our Events section

What is the youngest age for children to start Karate

Insurance companies will not insure children under 4.

Clubs cannot therefore accept children under this age and some clubs will have their own minimum age - often around 7 or 8

How do I obtain/renew my licence

Obtain or renew your licence online. You may wish to complete a downloadable application form. You can print this, complete it and post it to us with your cheque/PO payment.

How do I Affiliate my club to the KUGB

Fill in our contact form and we will send you an information pack

What is the difference between styles

All styles of Karate practice blocking, striking and kicking, but with different emphasis on range, speed and direction of techniques

I have had a break in training - do I need to re-grade

No, we don't take away grades - but ask your instructor to help you return to fitness, ability and standard in a sensible and safe way

What insurance cover is provided by my licence

The licence provides member to member, public liability and Professional liability cover. A copy of the insurance synopsis is held by all clubs.

How do I transfer from my current style/grade

Please see our Grading Rules section for more information.