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Special Dan Course - 3rd April 2004

Special Dan Course - Grading Successes - 3rd April 2004

KUGB Dan Grade Passes

Chesterfield - 3 April 2004

Examiners : Sensei A Sherry, 8th Dan, Sensei R Poynton, 6th Dan and Sensei C Naylor, 6th Dan

Our congratulations to the following on their achievement:

Sandan Passes (see main picture)

Suleman Al-Sabah - Leeds
Euros Edwards - Tekki
Carol Fortune - New Heys
Brian Fotheringham - Barnsley
Anthony Irvine - St Johns
Graham Jennings - Newtown
Noel Johnson - Kaizen
Amina Kasar - Rochfords
Andrea Laing - Kaizen
Kelly Perry - Ronin
Andrew Purrington - Tiverton
John Weir - Sei Do Kan
Raynor Wells - Barnstaple

Yondan Passes

Anne Herlihy - Aberystwyth
Dermot O'Keeffe - USKF
Ian Stopforth - Red Triangle

Godan Passes

Michael Sherlock - USKF
Michael Strachan - Hoku Shin

From left to right - Dermot O'Keeffe, Michael Sherlock, Michael Strachan, Anne Herlihy, Ian Stopforth.

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports