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England Kata squad selections 2004 - Sunday 13th June 2004

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An exceptionally large number of very enthusiastic Karateka turned out for the KUGB Kata Squad selections on the 13 June at the Liverpool Red Triangle Karate Club.

The standard of those attending was very high and the following were selected for the squads for 2004.

Our congratulations to them all and we look forward to seeing them performing at competitions throughout the year and wish them all the best of luck.

Male Kata Squad

Jamie Bending, Leeds Academy
John Bruce, Ashington
Liam Dermott, Goshougake
Jamie Donaldson, Manchester
Antony Duffy, Red Triangle
Dean Etringham, Ashington
Dean Field, Salford Academy
Stuart Gordon, Salford Academy
Tim Griffiths, Backwell
Alan Hesketh, Red Triangle
Lee Lamb, Gateshead
Lee McLeod, Chelmsford
Ryan Mitcham, Hoku Shin
Jason Plumb, Hoku Shin
Matthew Price, Leeds Academy
Duncan Randall, Leeds Academy
Ross Temple, Gateshead
David Williamson, Picton
Peter Williamson, Picton
David Wright, Ashington

Female Kata Squad

Emma Barker, Gateshead
Janine Collins, St Johns
Tara Cummings, Ashington
Colleen Dermott, Goshougake
Natasha Balyckyi, Hutton
Jodie Hallas, Ronin
Amina Kasar, Rochfords
Kelly Perry, Ronin
Vicky Philips, Salford Academy
Samantha Plumb, Hoku Shin
Zoe Starr, Leeds Academy
Holly Sterling, Chelmsford

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