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Karate Summer School 2004, Lancaster - 8th August 2004

The 24th Karate Summer School and Kids Camp

The 24th Karate Summer School took place from the 8th to the 13th August at its regular venue at the University of Lancaster. This course was inaugurated in 1981 by senior KUGB instructors as a way of passing on their knowledge and experience.

The course attracts students from all parts of the British Isles, together with a number of students from abroad, which adds an international flavour and provides a great opportunity for the students to train with a wide variety of partners. There were also lots of visitors from local clubs who were able to attend classes on a daily basis.

A Kids' Camp is held as part of the course, where supervision and meals are provided throughout the week. This facility is now in its 10th year and has proved very popular with the children who enjoy the training and the extra activities and always make lots of new friends.

The University of Lancaster sits at the southern tip of the Lake District, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The course timetables allow plenty of time to enjoy both the lakes and local coastal resorts such as Morecambe and Blackpool.

In training, the emphasis was placed as usual on the correct learning and development of fundamentals of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Classes are divided into groups in accordance with grades, from beginner to Black Belt, so nobody found themselves unable to cope.

There was also training in the use of the Bo (Fighting Staff) by guest weapons expert, Ian Maclaren. Ian is also the KUGB archivist and historian and every year gives a lecture on the history, philosophy and development of Karate.

It is intended that those who attend these courses will benefit not just through increased knowledge, but by being fitter and feeling more confident in their training for months after.

A certificate of attendance was provided for all the students who attended for the week.

Next year will be the 25th Anniversary of the Summer School and will take place from 7-13 August.

A free colour leaflet containing full details of this course and the Spring Karate Course in Paignton (3-8 April) with an application form can be obtained from:

The Organiser, 20 Waterford Rd, Oxton, Wirral CH43 6UU

The Instructors:
Sensei Andy Sherry 8th Dan, Sensei Terry O'Neill 7th Dan, Sensei Bob Poynton 7th Dan, Sensei Bob Rhodes 6th Dan, Sensei Billy Higgins 6th Dan, Sensei Frank Brennan 6th Dan

Our congratulations to the following who passed their dan gradings at the course.

Shodan Passes

Bilal Ahmed, Kuroi Ashi
Jennifer Bradshaw, Myerscough
Philip Butler, Isle of Man
David Cahill, Woolton
Thelma Davies, Red Triangle
Jonathan Hennessy, Picton
Alun Hughes, Wrexham
Lindsey James, Tekki
Trevor Jones, Myerscough
Joshua Langdon, Cullompton
Eleanor Mills, Kyoshin
Gareth Nuttall, Sei Do Kan
Jonathan Paul, Chester
Lauren Raggett, Kyoshin
Amiot Vollenweider, Red Triangle

Nidan Passes

Patrick Agnah, Hoku Shin
Jacob Baker, Sendai
Natasha Balyckyi, Hutton
Derek Williams, Kuken

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports