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Shotokan Cup 2004 - 18th September 2004

Shotokan Cup 2004 - 18th September 2004

The 2004 KUGB Shotokan Cup

Over 300 Black and Brown Belts from all over Britain took part in the KUGB's 29th Shotokan Cup on Saturday 18 September at Chesterfield.

This was an increased attendance from last year and it was good to see not only a great number of very experienced and seasoned competitors but a large number who were competing for the first time.

The standard, particularly in the finals, was exceptional and was a tribute to the very skilled and experienced instructors and the enthusiastic and committed competitors. Our congratulations to all who competed and to the following medal winners:

Male Senior Kumite

1st Matthew Price Leeds Academy
2nd Julian Cunningham Kaizen
3rd Duncan Randall Leeds Academy
3rd Michael Davison Kushiro

Male Senior Kata

1st Stuart Gordon Manchester University
2nd Matthew Price Leeds Academy
3rd Lee Lamb Gateshead
4th Paul James Aberystwyth

Female Kumite

1st Zoe Campbell Warwick University
2nd Vicky Phillips Manchester University
3rd Kelly Perry Ronin
3rd Sarah Cartmel Red triangle

Female Kata

1st Vicky Philips Manchester University
2nd Jemma Mitcham Hoku Shin
3rd Holly Sterling Chelmsford
4th Kelly Perry Ronin

Male Junior Kumite 16-17

1st Anthony Duffy Red Triangle
2nd Jonathan Cook Bargoed
3rd Joseph Hart Leeds Academy
3rd Dean Stitson Hoku Shin

Male Junior Kumite 18-20

1st Chris Cray Malvern
2nd John Bruce Ashington
3rd Lee McLeod Chelmsford
3rd Richard Bertie Rochfords

Male Junior Kata

1st John Bruce Ashington
2nd Lliam Dermott Tsuta Hashi
3rd Antony Duffy Red Triangle
4th Lee McLeod Chelmsford

Boys' Kumite - 10 & 11 yrs

1st Josh Mills Rother Valley
2nd Ryan Powell Bargoed
3rd Cai Smith Merthyr Tydfil
3rd Jordon Cleaver Merthyr Tydfil

Boys' Kumite - under 5'

1st Ross James Merthyr Tydfil
2nd James Wyatt Leeds Academy
3rd Dale Lewis Merthyr Tydfil
3rd James McGorian Halewood

Boys' Kumite - 5' to 5'5"

1st Ryan Tucker Leeds Academy
2nd Michael Barrett Leeds Academy
3rd Stephen White Houghton Sendai
3rd David Campbell Halewood

Boys' Kumite -5'5 and over

1st Jonathan McGorian Halewood
2nd Craig Reynolds Croxteth
3rd Daniel Almassi Rochfords
3rd Elliot Reynolds Chelmsford

Boys' Kata

1st Hisham Saif Alghazali
2nd David Wright Ashington
3rd Craig Reynolds Croxteth
4th Jacob Baker Ronin

Girls' Kumite - under 5'3"

1st Zoe Starr Leeds Academy
2nd Lamees Shafi Hoku Shin
3rd Amanda Evans Halewood
3rd Jessica Joyce Tiverton

Girls' Kumite - over 5'3"

1st Janine Collins St Johns
2nd Kelly Sanson Denshi Kai
3rd Laura Johnston Malvern
3rd Melissa Finlay Leeds Academy

Girls' Kata

1st Alice Griffiths Tekki
2nd Tanya Hopper Ashington
3rd Victoria Roberts-Burt Ashington
4th Zoe Starr Leeds Academy

Winners of the Special Shotokan Cups for 2004:

Kumite: Matthew Price Leeds Academy

Kata: Stuart Gordon Manchester University

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