KUGB Special Dan Course Grading Results - September 2015


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Special Dan Course Grading Results - 26th September 2015

KUGB Special Dan Course

The KUGB prides itself on high technical standards and, to this end, holds two Special Dan Courses each year specifically for its Black belt population.  The second of two courses for 2015 took place at the Sports Village in Bath University on Saturday 26th September.

This prestigious Sports Village is an extensive, well equipped facility which caters for many sports and is always very popular with numerous athletes in intensive training, including a number of Olympians.  With the Rugby World Cup currently being held in England the Australian team have made it their base camp for the tournament.

This free training course, that also has a Grading examination for students taking 3rd Dan and above, was very well attended with Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) and Sensei Bob Poynton (8th Dan) concentrating on Advanced Kihon, Kata and Kumite syllabus for these grades.

The standard of teaching and students in attendance was excellent, with many KUGB stalwarts upto 7th Dan who continue to study and improve their technique and understanding of Karate.

A large number of students attempted the examination and many congratulations to those who were successful.

Full results are listed below:

KUGB Special Dan Course : New 6th Dans

6th Dans

Raymond Alsop - Torbay Karate Club
David Royle - Corduff SKC


KUGB Special Dan Course : New 5th Dans

5th Dans

Ian Newsham - Shotokan Katate Academy
Astel Tomblinson - Wolves SKC


KUGB Special Dan Course : New 4th Dans

4th Dans

John Dornan - Trent
Stephen Hunt - Ipswich Higashi
Gordon Mackay - Largs
James McKee - Red Triangle
Mark Williams - Largs


KUGB Special Dan Course : New 3rd Dans

3rd Dans

Andrew Barnett - Isle of Man SKC
Kevin Berry - Tiverton
Tabitha Birch - Red Lion
Barbara Casey - Glasgow Karate Academy
Tony Chin - Red Triangle
Christopher Cray - Malvern
Michael Gale - Leeds Shotokan  
Kain Harper - Dartmouth
James McGreechin - Glasgow Karate Academy
Lee McLeod - KUGB Chelmsford
Callum O'Neill - Bargoed SKC
Neil Ormesher - Isle of Man Karate Club 
Peter Sayle - Isle of Man SKC
Andrew Storey - Newcastle Sendai
Robert Taylor - Rothwell SKC
Bernard Tiddeman - Aberystwyth
Devon Troskie - Backwell

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