WSKA World Championships in Treviso, Italy, 22nd - 24th September


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WSKA World Championships in Treviso, Italy, 22nd - 24th September


The KUGB’s England Squad performed remarkably well achieving a total of six Golds and topping the medals table at the recent WSKA World Championships in Treviso, Italy. The tally of first places include three team Kumite events two individual Kumite events and one individual Kata event. These events are really tough and to gain such a result is exceptional.

Senior Male Kumite Team

The Senior Male Kumite Team consisting of Gregory Hegarty, Jonathan McGorian, Joseph Rawcliffe, Ryan Tucker, Cameron Graham and Ethan Armstrong performed with great determination to take Gold in a very exciting Team Kumite final against the USA. They fought with tremendous fighting spirit to take the title beating them 4-1.

Joseph Rawcliffe and Ryan Tucker fought with amazing spirit in the Senior Male Individual Kumite event to find themselves against each other in the semi finals. It was Joseph who went through to the final to meet the Italian favourite Francesco Quattara. The huge Italian audience were in great form creating an unbelievable atmosphere throughout the match, but it was Joseph who came out on top after a very lively and spirited fight to become World Champion.

 England's Cadet Male Kumite Team consisting of Aidan McLean, Jamie Allan, Bradley Williams and Callum Wilson fought with great exuberance in their final against the USA beating them 2-1 to take the World Cadet Team Title.

Not to be outdone, the English Cadet Female Kumite Team consisting of Libby Bayley , Katherine Cheshire and Thea Priest also won their final match against the Czech Republic to take yet another Gold.

 Katherine, who showed great timing and is improving all the time, also achieved Bronze in the Individual Kumite.

England's competitors in the youth events for fourteen and fifteen year olds again featured very highly with our three entrants in the Male Individual Kumite reaching the semi finals. Jade Stapleton-Smith met Niall Gilligan with Jade going through to the final. Luciano Zanuni also reached the final and after a fiercely fought match with Jade it was Luciano came out on top to become World Champion. This event has strengthened dramatically with a 40% increase in competitors compared to the previous championships.

Fourteen year old Mia Hillsden, competing internationally for the first time, took Gold in the Female Individual Youth Kata event. Mia produced a superb performance of Gankaku showing exceptional poise and balance. Penny Sinclair from Wales also achieved Bronze.

England also achieved five Silver Medals in the event with the Senior Ladies Kumite Team consisting of Rhianne Rawcliffe, Caroline McGrath, Rebecca Rawcliffe and Victoria Ogunseitan narrowly missing out on Gold against Hungary after a fight off following a draw in the team final.

After many skilful fights Rebecca Rawcliffe achieved Silver after just being pipped at the post in the Senior Female Individual final.

The England Junior Team consisting of Ethan Armstrong, Connor Wilson, Ryan Spencer and James Humphries fought their way through to the team finals before being beaten by a very strong Russian Team to take Silver.

Ethan and Connor also achieved Bronze in the Junior Individual event after both showed terrific spirit throughout the eliminations.

Jack Somers was in great form in the Senior Individual Kata Event achieving bronze with a superb performance of Goju Shiho Sho.

Thea Priest took Bronze in the Female Individual Cadet Kata event.

Englands Mathew Gibson, Ilyas Hamid and Abdul Saif achieved fourth place in the Junior Team Kata event with a fine performance of Goju Shiho Sho.

Wales consisting of Rachel Edwards, Charlotte Parry and Penny Sinclair and also took Bronze in the Junior Female Team Kata event.

Sensei Sherry, Poynton and Brennan were delighted to meet Sensei Shirai who was a great friend of Sensei Enoeda and with whom they trained with for many, many years on all the early courses at Crystal Palace.

All in all a magnificent event for the KUGB with great team spirit, great performances and great results. Very well done to you all. Many thanks to all of our KUGB supporters who came over to Italy to support our Squads.









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