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The Spring Karate Course, 8-13 April 2018

spring course april 2018

The Spring Karate Course is held in the beautiful setting of Torbay and is also known as 'Train with the Champions'.   It is a firm feature of many Karateka’s calendars as it is hosted by the top Senior Instructors in the KUGB who are all former successful International Competitors. They are: Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Terry O'Neill (8th Dan), Bob Poynton (8th Dan), Bob Rhodes (8th Dan), Billy Higgins (8th Dan) and Frank Brennan (8th Dan).

spring camp 18

The course continues to grow each year with more 200 Karateka from all over the UK and abroad training each day with these Senior Senseis.  In addition, there were a number of people locally who attended individual sessions.

At the start of the week Sensei Poynton took the opportunity to welcome everyone and to invite them to attend the Course's Social Evening.  The Social Evening helps everyone settle into the demanding week, make new friends and, in particular, helps those attending for the first time to get to know what else to do in their free time at this beautiful holiday location.  It is also a great opportunity to catch up with old friends who train on the course year in, year out.

sensei sherry

The week is designed to allow those attending to immerse themselves into the world of top class Karate. First of all, there were nine lessons training twice a day Monday to Thursday and on Friday the course ended with the final session. 

poynton sensei

Classes are divided into groups in accordance with grades (from Novice to Black Belt) and there is the opportunity to train with each of these inspirational Instructors.

higgins sensei

On Tuesday and Wednesday, in addition to their normal classes, Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan also held two special additional classes for those students preparing to take Dan gradings in the near future.

sensei brennan

Each lesson is structured to ensure equal emphasis was placed on the correct learning and development of the fundamentals of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. As the Senior Instructors rotated they brought to each class their individual style, strengths and experiences to maximize the benefit to their students (whether novice or seasoned Black Belt).

rhodes sensei

Additional Bo classes (Japanese Fighting Staff) taught by Sensei Ian MacLaren, as well as lectures from Sensei MacLaren and Sensei Ivan Birch, complimented this core programme.

A Kata competition was held on the Thursday afternoon for three different grade categories - Novice to 4th Kyu, Brown Belts and Black Belts. For some, this was their first taste of competition and many commented that the support given by both other course participants and the Senseis helped in calming their nerves. 

The results were as follows :

Kata Competition

kata comp black belts

Dan Grade

Alexander Lockett – KUGB Chelmsford
Ricky Bertram – Seishin
Tom Dale – Ichiban
Matthew Gilbert – KUGB Chelmsford

kata comp brown belts

Brown Belt

Charlotte Dale – Ichiban
Mayon Jayawickrama – Barnsley SKC
Ned Westwood – Cullompton
Ayu Miao – Red Lion

kata comp kyu grade belts

Kyu Grade Kata

Scott Wanklyn – Tamworth
Jessica Gibson – Ipswich Higashi
Larry Southern – Seishin
Coco Lu Liu – Red Lion

kata comp all winners

A grading was held on the Friday and congratulations go to all those students who were successful in achieving Kyu, 1st and 2nd Dan Grades.


Tom McLean - Tsutahashi
Charlie Knight - Exeter University
Kyran Gerrard - Tiverton SKC
Sophie Brooks - West Kirby SKC


Alicia Willis - KUGB Chelmsford
Yosita O’Connor - Brixham
Mayon Jaywickrama - Barnsley
Arianna Jennings - Senshi
Ryan Dearlove - KUGB Chelmsford
Ankit Manikyam - Guernsey
Megan Langworthy - Dartmouth
Ned Westwood - Cullompton
Richard Langston - Met Office Karate Club
Harvey Taylor-Hawkins - Tsutahashi
Michal Bakula - Bristol SKC
David Slater - Exmouth Karate Academy

Also during the week we had a team visit from the University of Ulster - School of Biomedical Sciences who were doing a study on the effects of dehydration on Karateka.  Thank you to the Team and thank you to everyone who took part.

hydration team photo

As usual it was a fantastic week and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the training.  Sensei Andy Sherry, on behalf of the other Senior Instructors, said "We would like to thank everyone who attended the course, we were all very pleased with the dedication and enthusiasm of all those who trained. Furthermore, we would also like to congratulate those who competed in the Competition on Thursday and those who Graded on Friday. There has already been a lot of positive feedback and people are asking for the dates of next years course".

Thank you also to all of the volunteers who helped during the week and the many friends and families who came with those that trained, making up our#KUGBFamily.

Sensei Sherry, Sensei O'Neill, Sensei Poynton, Sensei Rhodes, Sensei Higgins and Sensei Brennan are all #proudtobeKUGB and they are looking forward to this year's Summer Course in Lancaster.

Annette Connell

A big thank you to all of our sensei’s for a truly awesome week

Stephen Borlace – Denchi Kai

Thank you for a truly unique inspirational week, in fact thank you just doesn't seem to cover It, hope to be able to attend again. THANK YOU 1 million times over. OSU

Adam Willsmore

Loved it thanks for organising it all missing you already drove past the leisure centre strange to be out of the routine. Love being and training with you all and miss you already.Cant wait to catch up at future events. Got a fast forward button for Lancaster and next year's Torbay course

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