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Special Dan Grade Course 2018, 21 April 2018

special dan cours april 2018

Each year the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) hold two Special Dan Grade Courses for its Black Belts, the first of which took place at the Queen’s Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield last Sunday.

These courses are free and are specifically designed for those Karateka taking San Dan and above.  Attendance on the Special Dan Grade Course and other black belt courses is fundamental to the development of a Dan Grade's standard of Karate, not only personally, but also as Instructors.

The course was led by KUGB Seniors Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Sensei Bob Poynton (8th Dan) and Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan) and was well attended with Black Belts ranging from 1st Dan to 8th Dan from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The two-hour intensive course focused on developing the students Karate to the highest technical levels, including application of Kata and Kumite techniques, and all those training pushed themselves to their limits, both physically and mentally, studying and striving for perfection.

After the course, a senior Dan Grading was held. Many congratulations to those Karateka who successfully passed their gradings.

5th dan pass- Holly Sterling


Holly Bruce – Sendai Kushiro

4th dan passes, group photo


Nathan Phillips - Sei-do-Kan. 
Petre Nicolescu - Cambridge 
John Murphy - Kaizen Karate Club
Jason Cunningham - Seishin
Emily Winterman -Newcastle Sendai
Rihanne Rawcliffe - Halewood
Ryan Tucker - Leeds
Steve Harris - Stoke By Nayland
Cristina Finta - Shotokan Karate Academy 
Stuart Amos - Red Triangle
Sarah Welsh - Tamworth 
Laura Sumner - Myerscough

3rd dan passes group photo

Sandan Passes

Emma Burke - KUGB Chelmsford 
Nigel Steel - Barnsley
Chris Harris - Stoke by Nayland
Benjamin Saville - North Staffordshire 
Anne Kelly - Seigo Sei 
Adam Sutherland - Shobu Kai
Dylan Gibson - Ashington
Nilupuli Samarasinghe - Barnsley 
Steven Connell - Bristol Karate Academy
Lee Baker - Kyoshin

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports