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2018 KUGB Grand Slam, 21 June 2018

panorama Grand Slam 2

One of the main events in any Squad Members’ calendar is the KUGB’s Grand Slam where the Squads of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales come together to train and compete, not for medals or trophies, but for the pride of representing their Country and the opportunity to impress the National Coaches as they move towards selecting their Teams for the European Shotokan Karate-Do Association (ESKA) Championships in Nis, Serbia in November.

The Grand Slam takes place at the Queens Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield and, as with every Grand Slam, the Squads come together a couple of hours prior to the Competition to undergo a rigorous Training Session with their respective Coaches. 

1 KUGB England Squad

KUGB England


KUGB Northern Ireland

1 KUGB Scotland

KUGB Scotland

1 KUGB Wales

KUGB Wales

At the same time, the Referees and Judges arrived for a briefing meeting with Sensei Jim Brennan. A competition of this importance can make or break a Karateka's chance of selection and requires Officials of the highest level. Along with KUGB National Referees and Judges, there were also a large number of International Referees and Judges present along with our team of Timekeepers and Recorders.

1 Refs Judges

Grand Slam Officials

In a competition of this calibre you can see National, European and World Champions competing side by side with those fairly new to the squad and throughout the eliminations and finals, competition was very fierce and there were some outstanding performances during the day.

Sensei Andy Sherry, Chairman and Chief Instructor of the KUGB, was very pleased with the strong attitude and spirit of all of the competitors, in particular the ability and determination shown from the young Karateka coming through the ranks, promising a very strong future for the KUGB.

Our thanks go to Dudley Wheatcroft and the members of Satori Shotokan Karate Club, the Manager and Staff at the Queen's Park Leisure Centre, our Referees and Judges, table staff and our team of Medics.


1 senior male kumite

Senior Male Kumite
1. Ethan Armstrong - England
2. Jonathan McGorian - England
3. Ryan Tucker - England
3. Joe Rawcliffe - England

1 Senior Female Kumite

Senior Female Kumite
1. Rhianne Rawcliffe - England
2. Rebecca Rawcliffe - England
3. Caroline McGrath - England
3. Emma Lloyd - England

1 Senior Male Team Kumite

Senior Male Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

1 Senior Male Kata

Senior Male Kata
1. Stuart Amos - England
2. Jack Somers - England
3. Sam Light - England
4. Adam Sutherland - Scotland

1 senior female kata

Senior Female Kata
1. Rachel Edwards - Wales
2. Thea Priest - England
3. Eliana Rooks - England
4. Mia Hillsden – England

1 Junior Male Team Kumite

Junior Male Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

1 junior male kumite 18 20

Junior Male Kumite 18-20
1. Kyle Watkin - Wales
2. Ryan Kahl - Wales
3. James Humphries - England
3. Aidan McLean - England

1 Junior Female Kumite 

Junior Female Kumite 16-20
1. Thea Priest - England
2. Katherine Cheshire - England
3. Niamh Gutteridge - England
3. Emily Kahl - Wales

1 junior male kumite 16 17

Junior Male Kumite 16-17
1. Jade Stapleton-Smith - England
2. Sam Holbrook - England
3. Callum Wilson - England
3. Ethan Brown England

1 junior male kata

Junior Male Kata
1. Ethan Brown - England
2. Max King-Lough - England
3. Tomas Moya - Wales
4. Lewis Robinson-Burns - England

1 Cadet Male Team Kumite

Cadet Male Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

1 Cadet Female Team Kumite

Cadet Female Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

1 cadet male kumite

Cadet Male Under 16 Kumite
1. Bradley Barker - England
2. Dylan McCloskey - Northern Ireland
3. Bryn Nichol - Wales
3. Marcus Barker – England

1 Cadet female kumite

Female Cadet Under 16 Kumite
1. Mia Hillsden - England
2. Miranda Ngonji - England
3. Ruby Reed - England
3. Molly Scully – England


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