2019 National Youth Championships


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2019 KUGB National Youth Championships

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The 2019  KUGB National Youth Championships took place at the Queen's Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield on Saturday 29th June, and once again it was one of the hottest days of the year.

The importance of this Championship in the KUGB calendar cannot be underestimated, as it attracts competitors, all aged under 21 and from all over the UK and Ireland.  The standard yesterday was extremely high with experienced International competitors competing side by side with those new to competition.

It provides an opportunity for us to focus on our young talent as they develop and for those on our National Squads, it provides a platform to show to their coaches their progress and hopefully catch their attention as selection for the upcoming World Championships in Portugal and the European Championships in Spain is at the forefront of the Coaches minds.

The eliminations began at 10am and, as always, there were some brilliant performances in both Kata and Kumite to entertain the audience. In the Finals, the technical standard of Karate and the spirit of the competitors was excellent. In each and every final the passion of those competing to win gold was there for everyone to see. With the finals coming to a close, as usual, the spectators left enthusiastically talking about the champions crowned and the future of so many talented young athletes. Our International Champions of the future.

We would like to thank Dudley Wheatcroft and his team of helpers, the Sports Centre staff, all of our Referees, Judges, Timekeepers, Recorders and Medical Staff for their help and support during the day.

Sensei Sherry would also like to congratulate all of the young competitors for their enthusiasm, high standards and strong martial spirit that made the championships a great success. Well done to you all.


Results :

Jnr Male 18 20 copy

Junior Male Kumite 18-20
1. Callum Wilson - St Johns
2. Tushan Joseph - Somerset Ryu
3. Charlie Don - Somerset Ryu
3. Bradley Williams - Woolton/Garston

jnr Female copy

Junior Female Kumite
1. Thea Priest - Somerset Ryu
2. Katherine Cheshire - Halewood
3. Bethany Miller - Sendai Kushiro
3. Libby Bayley - Malvern

Jnr Male 16 17 copy

Junior Male Kumite 16-17
1. Sam Holbrook - Malvern
2. Niall Gilligan - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Ethan Brown - Sendai Kushiro
3. Jade Stapleton-Smith - Leeds Shotokan

Jnr Male Kata copy

Junior Male Kata
1. David Williams - Largs
2. Alex Cockx - Hale
3. Anthony Chin - Red Triangle
4. James Eva - Somerset Ryu

Jnr Female Kata copy

Junior Female Kata
1. Leeanne Royle - USKFI
2. Thea Priest - Somerset Ryu
3. Bethany Miller - Sendai Kushiro
4. Annalisa Marano -Stock

Boys Kumite Over 5522 copy

Boys Over 5'5"
1. Bradley Barker - Kirkby
2. Marcus Barker - Kirkby
3. Bryn Nichol - Merthyr Tydfil 
3. Matthew Lawson - Kirkby

Boys Kumite 5 55 copy

Boys 5' - Under 5'5"
1. Jake Chin - Red Triangle
2. William Don - Somerset Ryu
3. Abhi Lakeneni - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Ray Foysal - USKFI

Boys Kumite Under 5 copy

Boys Under 5'
1. Thomas Hegarty - Solihull Karate Academy
2. Joshua Smith - USKFI
3. Joshua Temple - Leeds Shotokan
3. Charles Feehan - Somerset Ryu

Boys 10 11

Boys 10-11 Kumite
1. Jacob Bruce - Malvern
2. Jonathan Luke - Sendai Kushiro
3. Alfie Morgan - Hutton
3. Jack Oliver - Malvern

Girls Over 53 copy

Girls 5'3" and over
1. Miranda Moualeu - Leeds Shotokan
2. Christina Furtuna - Basingstoke
3. Ruby Reed - Malvern
3. Rebecca Adie - Sendai Kushiro

 Girls Under 53 copy

Girls Under 5'3" Kumite
1. Emily Chiu - St Helens
2. Nadia Nya - USKFI
3. Bethany Nelson - Tekki RS
3. Summer Groves - Malvern

Girls 10 11 copy

Girls 10-11 Kumite
1. Rojin Rafie - Sendai Kushiro
2. Ella Mackintosh - Sendai Kushiro 
3. Naomi Case - Somerset Ryu
3. Ruby Evans - Merthyr Tydfil

Team Kata copy

Children's Team Kata

1. Sendai Kushiro B
2. Sendai Kushiro A
3. Chelmsford
4. Somerset Ryu A

 Boys Dan Grade Kata2

Boys Black Belt Kata
1. Denny Shy - Ashington
2. Lewis Robinson-Burns - Red Triangle
3. Jake Chin - Red Triangle
4. Nick Nelson - Chelmsford

Girls Dan Grade Kata copy

Girls Black Belt Kata
1. Grace Snowdon - Sendai Kushiro
2. Bethany Nelson - Tekki RS
3. Cerys Eva - Somerset Ryu
4. Rojin Rafie - Sendai Kushiro

Boys Brown Belt Kata

Boys Brown Belt Kata
1. Jonathan Luke - Sendai Kushiro
2. Ethan Henrey - York Elite
3. Elliot Powell - Merthyr Tydfil
4. Shanujan Raveethian - Barnsley 

Girls Brown Belt Kata copy

Girls Brown Belt Kata
1. Megan Fox - Sendai Kushiro
2. Hanna Bowery - Sendai Kushiro
3. Katarina Manojlovic - Ichiban
4. Charlie Fox - St Johns

Boys Kyu Grade Kata copy

Boys Novice to 4th Kyu Kata
1. Jake Davis - Tamworth
2. Alfie Bant - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Sarvesh Leoprabhu - Solihull Karate Academy
4. Josh Begley - St Johns

Girls Kyu Grade Kata copy

Girls Novice to 4th Kyu Kata

1. Scarlett Mills - Solihull Karate Academy
2. Myla Pu - Malvern 
3. Kasey Walker - Tamworth
4. Lucie Tarr - Somerset Ryu

Ippon Kumite copy

Children's Ippon Kumite
1. Hanna Bowery - Sendai Kushiro
2. Amandeep Singh - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Elijah Bruce - Malvern
3. Megan Fox - Sendai Kushiro


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