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Press Release - England Karate

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends of England Karate,

For quite some time now there have been on-going negotiations regarding setting up a recognised body for Karate in England.

Five established major English groups ... AMA (Amateur Martial Arts Association), 
EKF (English Karate Federation), FEKO (Federation of English Karate Organisations), KE (Karate England) and KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) have been seeking new accords based upon common interests and common ground. We have worked on what unites us rather than on that which divides.

Significant progress has been made, and we are pleased to announce that a new independent Chair has been appointed, Mr Ben Moorhead, who has taken up the position. Ben has comprehensive experience of sport governance, with a background in Law, and has been instrumental in assisting a host of various sports bodies as well as helping set up Sport England and UK Sport. Ben does not have a martial arts background but is fully conversant in the pillars of good governance and has a very positive outlook for England Karate. The groups present felt that Ben was the ideal person to steer the new organisation.

On Friday 14th June, the five major groups met with the new chair, along with representatives from Sport England and the Sport and Recreation Alliance. The purpose of the meeting was to review progress and plan for the way ahead.

The new group will start the process of formal Sport England recognition. The new structure will be like nothing ever before seen in the history of Karate in England as for the first time joining the independent chair will be four independent directors.

All the groups felt that for a long time there has been a real opportunity to move Karate in England forward, and all groups have committed to achieve this by burying past differences and building upon a new found trust.

For clarity, none of the groups will disband, and each will operate within their current frameworks, rules and regulations.

Should you have any questions on the issue please contact your own organisation.

The Board of England Karate

June 2019


Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports