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Sensei Jimmy Brennan - 8th Dan

Jim Brennan was born in Liverpool on 20th July 1952. In the early 1970s he was encouraged by his father to take up some form of self-defense class. He visited a number of clubs in the Merseyside area: Judo, Ju Jitsu, Goju Ryu Karate and even a wrestling club but none of these appealed to him.

The local newspaper advertised that the Red Triangle Karate Club was putting on a demonstration and Jim, along with his father and his brother Frank, went along to the club. He remembers the dojo was crowded with spectators and it was di cult to get in.

After watching this spectacular demonstration (he learned later that it was performed by Senseis Sherry, O’Neill, Poynton, Cattle, Christall, amongst others), Jim and Frank decided this was what they wanted to learn. Unfortunately Frank was too young and had to wait another year to join but that’s another story.

So, in 1972, Jim joined the Red Triangle Karate Club. He originally joined to learn self-defense but soon became involved in the art and disciplinary aspects of Karate. After three years at the Red Triangle he passed his 1st Dan with Sensei Tomita.

Jim demonstrated a great talent for competition with natural timing and a strong, determined attitude. He was initially selected for the Red Triangle Karate Kumite Team, helping them to victory on numerous occasions. His rst team title was in the North of England Championships in 1973.

Over a twenty year period of competition Jim won many national titles, includ- ing the Shotokan Cup, the EKB Light-Heavyweight and many regional events, and was placed in countless others.

Jim developed to become a consistently reliable member of the KUGB Interna- tional Squad and was part of the winning team at many European Champion- ships, frequently turning the tide when the odds were stacked against him and his team mates. He was also a member of the Squad, when the KUGB won their famous victory over the JKA Japanese Team in 1990. He retired from competi- tion in 1993.

Jim is a KUGB Grading Examiner and an International Referee in Kata and Kumite. He is a professional instruc- tor and travels extensively to teach around the country. He runs a number of successful Dojos on Merseyside with a large and loyal following.

Jim says: “I am proud to be part of the KUGB, which is a great organisation. Its sole aim is the advancement of Shotokan Karate through technical understanding and hard training.”

He derives great pleasure in seeing his students progress through the grades. Some of them have become National Champions and many of them have been selected for the KUGB National Squad, where a number have become Inter- national champions.

Jim is interested in all aspects of Karate and still trains regularly at the Red Triangle. He is a KUGB 8th Dan and believes all he has achieved has been made possi- ble by the in uence and being taught over the years by Senseis Andy Sherry, Terry O’Neill, Bob Poynton, his brother Frank and of course Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, who was always a huge inspiration to him.