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KUGB Shotokan Cup 2006 - 16th September 2006

Shotokan Cup 2006

The Championship took place on 16 September 2006 at the Queens Park Sport Centre in Chesterfield, This competition is for Black and Brown belts only and the standard was as usual very high.
The event ran very smoothly and finished on time thanks to the hard work of all the officials, who as usual, gave their time and expertise freely.
Our congratulations to all the competitors who participated, not only to the winners.
The results were as follows:


Girls Kata

1 Tanya Hopper, Ashington
2 Alex Poole, Halewood
3 Kelly Raggett, Kyoshin
4 Nikki Stockham, Brecon

Boys Kata

1 Jack Somers, Chelmsford
2 Ryan Hamilton, Largs
3 Jason Plumb, Chelmsford
4 Jordon Probst, Leeds

Junior Male Kata

1 Antony Duffy, Red Triangle
2 David Wright, Ashington
3 Jacob Baker, Ronin
4 Nick Smith, Ashington

Female Kata

1 Vicky Philips, Man University
2 Kelly Perry, Ronin
3 Emma Barker, Kensho
4 Holly Sterling, Chelmsford

Senior Male Kata

1 Stuart Gordon, Man University
2 Lee Lamb, Kensho
3 Matt Price, Leeds
4 Tim Griffiths, Backwell

Girls Under 5'3" Kumite

1 Lauren Raggett, Kyoshin
2 Lauren Brand, Houghton
3 Sarah Fitzpatrick, Tekki
3 Natalie Keegan, Houghton

Girls 5'3" and Over Kumite

1 Laura Johnson, Malvern
2 Beth Soulsby, Ronin
3 April Graham, Kenshinkan
3 Victoria Swanston, Kensho

Boys 10 - 11 Years Kumite

1 Piers McLaren, Rochfords
2 Karan Dhall, Rochfords
3 Calvert Hassan, Leeds
3 Toby Pedley, Leeds

Boys Under 5' Kumite

1 Jordon Probst, Leeds
2 Michael Jeffrey, Chelmsford
3 Ryan Williams, Merthyr Tydfill
3 Michael Gale, Leeds

Boys 5' to 5' 5" Kumite

1 Ryan Powell, Bargoed
2 Andrew Grewcock, Ronin
3 Ben Whalen, Leeds
3 Philip Nichol, Brecon

Boys Over 5' 5" Kumite

1 Joseph Rawcliffe, Kirkby
2 David Campbell, Halewood
3 Patrick Parker, Halewood
3 Michael Barratt, Leeds

Male Junior 16 - 17 Years Kumite

1 Craig Reynolds, Croxteth
2 Jon McGorian, Halewood
3 David Wright, Ashington
3 Jacob Baker, Ronin

Junior Male 18 - 20 Years Kumite

1 Antony Duffy, Red Triangle
2 Damian O'Donnell, Malvern
3 Adam Hodgson, Halewood
3 James Campbell, Halewood

Ladies Kumite

1 Vicky Philips, Man University
2 Kelly Perry, Ronin
3 Caroline McGrath, Ronin
3 Vicky Mulhearn, Halewood

Senior Male Kumite

1 Chris Cray, Malvern
2 Matt Price, Leeds
3 Michael Davison, Kushiro
3 Alyn Weyman, Bargoed

The winners of the Shotokan Cups were Chris Cray, Kumite and Stuart Gordon, Kata.

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