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Karate Summer School, Lancaster University - 10th August 2007

Karate Summer School, Lancaster University

The 27th Summer School and Karate Kids Camp at Lancaster University proved to be a great success with over 230 students training every day. This was a large increase in the numbers from previous years and it is very pleasing for the organisers to see such great enthusiasm for the course.

The course instructors were Andy Sherry 8th Dan and Terry O'Neill, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan, all 7th Dans. The students ranged from beginners to very experienced senior 6th dan instructors and there was a good balance with approximately equal numbers of Kyu and Dan grades.

Class warm up

Classes were divided into groups according to grade and taught on a rota basis by the instructors, who were all very impressed with the dedicated and committed attitude shown by the students.

Sensei O'Neill demonstrates correct distance

In addition to the general classes, there were special sessions for those due to take dan gradings and the feedback was that these optional sessions were extremely helpful.

Kata Chinte practice

An Instructor Qualification course and examination was held mid-week and a number of students were able to obtain formal qualifications as assistant or full instructors.

Ushiro geri training

Other activities throughout the week included bo classes - taken by Ian Maclaren, KUGB 5th Dan and weapons specialist - lectures, a social evening and a superstars competition.

Goal Scoring - Superstars competition

The lectures were conducted by Mr Maclaren, who is the KUGB Archivist and Historian and by Dr Ivan Birch, KUGB 5th Dan who is a lecturer in biomechanics. Both lectures focused on the importance of attitude and behaviour for the development of a good karateka and were as usual very thought provoking. A superstars competition - which included basketball, sumo, break sprints, goal scoring and tug of war - was held between the dan and kyu grades, with the dans narrowly taking victory in a very exciting and entertaining event.

Sensei Rhodes demonstrates Kata application

A Kyu grading and a grading for those taking 1st and 2nd dan took place at the end of the course and many congratulations to those who were successful.

Sensei Sherry helps a student with Yoko geri kekomi

The 2008 Summer School will take place from the 4th-8th of August.

KUGB Dan Grade Passes

Our congratulations to the following on their achievement:

Shodan Passes

John Baker, Salford Academy
Jordanna Devine, Zanshin (Ballysally)
Jackson Ellis, Cayton
Josie Fishkin, Leeds Karate Academy
Zoe Hawke, Manchester University
Mark Hibbs, Aaisatsu
Laura Horrocks, Myerscough
William Hunter, Zanshin
Sophie Karakan, Salford Academy
Anthony Kelly , Salford Academy
Madeleine Langford, Myerscough
Georgia Lee, Red Rose
Christopher Loughery, Zanshin
Sandra Matthews, Crewe
Katie Owens, Hindley
Nathan Owens, Hindley
Lucy Pattison, Red Rose
Hannah Peel, St Helens
Vaughan Thomas, Total Fitness Chester
Lisa Zekavica, Guernsey

Nidan Passes

Judith Gray, Kushiro
Derek Harrison, Red Triangle
Ryan Hobbs, Zentai
David Regan, Red Triangle
Malik Salameh, Preston Rising Sun
Paul Shufflebotham, Newcastle u Lyme
Lydia Williams, Warwick University

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports