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Shotokan Cup 2007 Results - Saturday 15th September 2007

Shotokan cup 2007

(Above)Sensei Sherry presents the Shotokan Cup for Kata to Lee Lamb (left) and for Kumite to Anthony Pendlebury (right)

The Shotokan Cup is now in its 32nd year and is a competition of very high standards which attracts KUGB competitors from across the UK.

This event, which is for Black and Brown belts only, was held on Saturday 15th September at the Queens Park Sports Centre in Chesterfield.

It ran very smoothly and many thanks go to our Organisers, Referees and Table Officials and to the numerous helpers who gave their time and expertise freely.

Our congratulations go to all the competitors whose great enthusiasm and technical excellence make the Championships such an exciting event

Male Senior Kumite

1 Anthony Pendlebury (Red Triangle)
2 Stephen Olver (Sendai Kushiro)
3 Patrick Agnah (Makenki)
3 James Campbell (Halewood)

Senior Male Kata

1 Lee Lamb (Kensho)
2 Stuart Gordon (Salford Academy)
3 John James Bruce (Sendai Kushiro)
4 Paul James (Aberystwyth)

Female Kumite

1 Tara Cummings (Sendai Kushiro)
2 Caroline McGrath (Ronin)
3 Helen Crowe (Malvern)
3 Kelly Hodkinson (Chelmsford)

Female Kata

1 Vicky Phillips (Salford Academy)
2 Holly Sterling (Sendai Kushiro)
3 Samantha Plumb (Makenki)
4 Kelly Perry (Ronin)

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20

1 Kevin Hayes (Croxteth)
2 Adam Hodgson (Halewood)
3 Michael Roche (Red Triangle)
3 Daniel O'Donnell (Malvern)

Male Junior Kumite 16 -17

1 Michael Caviell (Aberdare)
2 Kai Stroud (Bargoed)
3 Alex Labanciw (Aberdare)
3 Tom Little (Leeds Karate Academy)

Junior Male Kata

1 Anthony Duffy (Red Triangle)
2 David Wright (Ashington)
3 Jacob Baker (Ronin)
4 Nick Smith (Ashington)

Boys Kumite Over 5' 5"

1 Joseph Rawcliffe (Kirkby)
2 Patrick Parker (Halewood)
3 Matthew Nicholson (Kensho)
3 Jason Plumb (Makenki)

Boys Kumite 5ft to 5' 5"

1 Philip Nicol (Brecon)
2 Elliot Parsons (Leeds)
3 Owen Nicholas (Porthcawl)
3 Michael Jeffereys (Chelmsford)

Boys Kumite Under 5'

1 Hisham Saif (Al - Ghazali)
2 Jack Somers (Chelmsford)
3 Woody Nunn (Leeds)
3 Gareth Edwards (Bargoed)

Boys Kumite 10 - 11

1 Rhys Davies (Merthyr Tydfil)
2 Terrick Murray (Kaizen)
3 Jack Hillsden (Chelmsford)
3 Fraser Grice (York Kenshinkan)

Boys Kata

1 Hisham Saif (Al Ghazali)
2 Jason Plumb (Makenki)
3 Jack Somers (Chelmsford)
4 Joseph Rawcliffe

Girls Kumite 5' 3" and over

1 Victoria Swanson (Kensho)
2 Nikki Stockham (Brecon)
3 Kayleigh Gorman (Ronin)
3 Stacey Liddle (Kensho)

Girls Kumite Under 5' 3"

1 Alexandra Poole (Halewood)
2 Amena Jasper (Brecon)
3 Lauren Raggett (Kyoshin)
3 Megan Dent (Ashington)

Girls Kata

1 Stacey Liddle (Kensho)
2 Alexandra Poole (Halewood)
3 Megan Dent (Ashington)
4 Lauren Raggett (Kyoshin)

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