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mens kumite eska 2007

KUGB Squads Outstanding Success in Portugal:

Senior Male Team Champions - England

Michael Davison
John Bruce
Christopher Cray
Jonathon McGorian
Mathew Price
Antony Duffy

European Individual Champion - England

Christopher Cray

The KUGB Squads achieved outstanding success at the ESKA European Championships in Porto, Portugal over the three days of 23rd, 24th and 25th of November.

England took Gold in the Men's Senior Team Kumite. The team, consisting of Mathew Price, John Bruce, Christopher Cray, Michael Davison, Antony Duffy and Jonathan McGorian, had many outstanding fights; a particularly hair-raising match against Switzerland saw Antony Duffy scoring Ippon with a very fast Ushiro Geri in the dying seconds of the match to take them through to the finals against Germany. The Germans had a very strong team, but in a hard-fought and exciting match England defeated them 3-2 to take the title. The result was all the more outstanding as the same England team had taken the WSKA World title only two months earlier in Poland.

Chistopher Cray also took Gold in the Male Senior Individual Kumite event, beating the German Christian Gruner the final. Christopher is a very strong and improving fighter and in a very tough match beat Gruner decisively 3-1. Michael Davison also put up an excellent performance in this event to take third place.

Many other placings were achieved by members of KUGB's England, Scotland and Wales Squads.

Congratulations to them all.


Senior Male Individual Champion - Christopher Cray, England
Michael Davison, England,3rd. Place (far right)

Senior Female Team Kumite - 2nd place England
Ashley Scott
Kelly Perry
Zoe Campbell
Vicky Mulhearn

Senior Female Individual Kumite
3rd place, Zoe Campbell, England (far right)

Junior Male Team Kumite - 2nd place, England
Jacob Baker
Ryan Tucker
Jonathan McGorian
David Wright

Junior Individual Kumite - 2nd place, Jonathan Cook Wales (far left)

Junior Male Team Kata - 4th place, England
Jacob Baker
David Wright
Nicholas Smith

Cadet Male Team Kumite - 2nd place, Wales
Michael Cavielle
Kai Stroud
Ross James
Alex Labanciw

Cadet Male Team Kata - 3rd place, Scotland
Stuart Anderson
Ryan Hamilton
Graeme Lennie

Male Individual Kumite - 3rd place, Nicholas Smith (far right)

The England Squad

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