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26th Spring Karate Course 2010

12th April 2010 to 16th April 2010

Spring Karate Course 2010

The 26th annual Spring Karate Course took place from Monday 12th to Friday 16th April at Paignton, Devon.

The Course, Instructed by Sensei's Andy Sherry, Terry O'Neill, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan was very well attended.

The week consisted of numerous training sessions including classes for the various grades and there were special classes for those taking Dan gradings in the near future.

Sensei Ian MacLaren took the students through various Bo classes and conducted a lecture on Karate history.

Sensei Ivan Birch also gave an interesting lecture on physiology as related to Karate.

A kata competition took place on Thursday afternoon in three separate categories - Black Belt - Brown Belt and Beginner to 4th Kyu.

Congratulations to the trophy winners and all the contestants.

On the final day of the course a Dan Grading was conducted for those students eligible to take 1st or 2nd Dan. Many congratulations to those who were successful.

Sensei Andy Sherry & Sensei Frank Brennan demonstrating Ju Kumite

Andy Sherry explains Ju Ippon Kumite with Frank Brennan

Sensei Terry O'Neill instructing higher Dan grade class

Terry O'Neill Instructs the higher Dan Grade class

Sensei Bob Poynton instructing Dan grade class

Bob Poynton instructing the Dan Grade class

Sensei Bob Rhodes explaining Kata Jitte

Bob Rhodes explains Kata Jitte

Sensei Billy Higgins instructing Kata Bassai Sho

Billy Higgins instructing Kata Bassai Sho

Sensei Frank Brennan explaining Mawashi Geri to the Shodan class

Frank Brennan explains Mawashi Geri to the Shodan class

Kata Competition Finalists

Kata Competition Finalists

Black Belts

1st D. Mooney
2nd S. Bailey
3rd R. Spencer
4th L. Pinto

Brown Belts

1st S. Fleming
2nd W. Fitzgerald
3rd S. Torreiro
4th A.Earl

4 Kyu and Below

1st K.Thomas
2nd I. Gilbert
3rd T. Hudson
4th I. Roderick

Grading results

Shodan Passes

Molly Board (Clyst Vale)
Alice Cooke (Barnstaple)
Kain R Harper (Dartmouth)
Chantelle Hill (Tsuta Hashi)
Rhys D Hurd (Brixham)
Jan Maksymczuk (Cullompton)
Steve Pewter (Exeter University)
Jessica Pearce (Exeter University)
Rakesh Shetty (Barnstaple)
Matthew Thornton (Torbay)
Alex Torreiro (Makenki)

Nidan Pass

Hannah E Welsh (Tamworth)

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Historic KUGB Reports