How to join the Karate Union of Great Britain

Joining the KUGB as an individual member

Individuals may become members of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) by joining a KUGB club and purchasing a KUGB licence.

All KUGB clubs will be able to supply the appropriate information and licence application forms. Licence application forms can also be accessed online (see the 'KUGB Licences' section below). This licence gives the holder access to KUGB facilities and provides appropriate insurance cover.

The KUGB insurers provide cover to new KUGB club members to train at a KUGB club for up to 3 occasions in order to allow them time to apply for and receive a licence.

Benefits of membership to the KUGB

Our members enjoy many benefits, for information on some of these benefits please click here.

Information for club members

Information is regularly emailed or posted to KUGB clubs as well as being displayed on this website. This includes minutes of Executive and General Meetings, lists of events and various memos. The club members will have access to this information through the club secretary, club notice boards, and bulletins and of course via this website.

KUGB Licences

New members can apply for their first KUGB licence online using the online licence application form linked below.

Existing KUGB members may also renew their licences using the same form.

The online licence form can be accessed in different ways.

  1. It can be completed online and submitted with your payment using the online form (linked below). Payments made online are processed through secure PayPal™ servers. Having a PayPal™ account is optional and your credit/debit card details are not transmitted to the KUGB.
  2. A printable version of the licence form can be accessed as a PDF document using Adobe® Reader®. Depending on the version of Adobe® Reader® and your browser, the licence form will either open in your browser or will be downloaded to your computer.
    • If the licence form opens in your browser, you will be able to complete the form on your screen. You will then need to print it, sign it and post it with your payment.
    • If the licence form is downloaded to your computer, you will need to open it on your computer and either complete the form on your screen and print it, or print it first then fill in the form by hand. Make sure the form is completed legibly and signed before posting it with your payment.
    • In both of these cases, your fully completed licence form should be posted to the KUGB Licensing Officer, and all cheques and PO's should be made payable to KUGB.

Links to the Licence Application Form

Online Licence Application Form

Use the above link to access the online application form. This is the preferred method as it ensures the information is as accurate as possible before the form is submitted for payment. This assists the KUGB Licensing Officer to process your application faster and get your licence to you more quickly.

Click this link to access the PDF document Downloadable/Printable Form

Use the above link for the PDF document that can be completed online (?), or downloaded, printed and posted with your cheque/PO payment.

For help on completing the form on your screen, look for the yellow question mark at the top of the form (next to the KUGB logo) and move your mouse over the question mark. On some browsers, but not all, the mandatory required details are highlighted with red borders. The remaining details should be completed as per your individual circumstances. The form is also configured to print on standard A4 size paper.

Make sure to install the latest version of the free Adobe® Reader® from