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For example, you might have partial club information from a local or national press article.

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The controls on the map can be used to Pan and Zoom the map. Your mouse can also be used to drag the map and zoom in and out (?). Click a pointer (or pin) on the map to view information on the KUGB club at that position. You may need to zoom in on the map to reveal more club locations when clubs are in close proximity to each other.

Use the link in the popup information window to view more detailed information for the club, including travel directions and contact information.

Please Note:

Depending on the number of clubs found, current website usage, your connection speed and browser, the map may take several minutes to load.

The map may also include clubs where the Street Address and/or Post Code information is inaccurate or unavailable. Hence, the locations of those clubs on the map may not be accurate. Travel directions to clubs with missing or incorrect information should be double-checked as neither the KUGB nor Google can guarantee the accuracy of the information.

To increase the accuracy of the above map, our maps will attempt to ignore any clubs that Google could not accurately locate. This may result in some clubs not appearing on the map and directions to these clubs will not be possible through those club's pages on our website. Our aim is to work closely with all KUGB clubs to improve this information and ultimately provide 100% accuracy.

The 'List View' is not affected by this and will list ALL currently affiliated KUGB clubs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.