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KUGB Competition Rules

The KUGB Competition Rules are contained in a PDF (Portable Document Format) document which can be viewed or downloaded using the link below.

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The purpose of the KUGB Competition Rules is to ensure fairness and uniformity of judging in all competitions organised by the Karate Union of Great Britain.

The Chief Referee must be consulted whenever a Referee has any difficulties with a decision.

Any matters not foreseen in these Rules will be referred to the Chief Referee for a decision.

Table of Contents

The Rules for Jiyu Kumite Competition  1 - 8
The Rules for Kihon Ippon Kumite Competition  9
The Rules for Kata Competition  10 - 12
The Terms and their meanings  13
The Table of Judges Signals  14
Referees signals  15
Judges signals  16


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