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KUGB National Championships : KUGB Chairman and Senior Instructors

On Saturday, 6th May, the KUGB celebrated its 51st National Championship with competitors from all over the UK and Ireland traveling to the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham.

The National Championships is the highest level of competition in the KUGB's home calendar. Alongside a large number of Karateka competing for the first time, there were many highly experienced competitors, including Internationals from the KUGB National Squads and USKF Ireland.

The eliminations started promptly at 10am and right from the start the standard of karate was extremely high on all areas. Every match was fiercely contested as competitors aspired to reach the finals and this helped raise the excitement for the many enthusiastic spectators and coaches.

Once the eliminations were complete, there was a short break which allowed not only the finalists to recharge their batteries, but also the Referees and Judges to get a respite from their very demanding schedule.

The finals started with the National Anthem followed by an introduction of Sensei Sherry, the KUGB's Chief Instructor and Chairman, and Senior Instructors of the KUGB: Sensei Terry O'Neill, Sensei Bob Poynton, Sensei Bob Rhodes, Sensei Billy Higgins, Sensei Jimmy Brennan, Sensei Frank Brennan (who's birthday it was), and Sensei Garry Harford.

A tribute was paid to a member of the KUGB Northern Ireland Squad, Zachary Geddis, who had recently passed away. Zachary had been a competitor many times at the KUGB National Championships and the crowd stood in silence to show respect.

Sensei Sherry then took time to meet and individually present certificates to those long standing members who had reached the following milestones in their KUGB Karate careers. The total number of LSM's currently training with the KUGB is 300 and these have amassed between them well over 10,000 years of training.

Over 20 years
Anthony Collins - St Johns
Matthew Jarrett - Cullompton
Alan Lea - South Notts
Graeme Lennie - KUGB Kazoku
David Mulvihill - Cullompton
Mark Williams - Largs

Over 30 years
Roger Green - Cullompton
Sab Hussain - Red Triangle
Michael Jones - Preston Rising Sun
Peter King - Stock
John O'Neill - Bushido
Malik Salameh - Preston Rising Sun

Over 40 years
John Hogan - Aaisatsu
Anthony Irvine - St Johns
Trevor Jarrett - Cullompton

Over 50 years
Michael Threlfall - Preston Rising Sun

A Special Presentation was also made to Ian MacLaren who was unable to receive his 50th award last year due to ill health.

The finals began with the Children's Individual Kata and Kumite events. In every final the talent and potential on display was excellent.

Then followed the first of two demonstrations. KUGB England Squad members Stuart Amos, Sam Light, Jamie Lottering, Jack Somers and Connor Wilson performed an excellent display of Team Kata, followed by Bunkai of the the Kata Gojushiho Sho.

Later on in the Finals there was a second demonstration by John Bruce, Sam Light and Jamie Allan of Sendai Kushiro who performed a self defence sequence. This showed how exciting and dynamic karate is with a range of kicks, throws and strikes.

All of the finals saw outstanding performances with those watching witnessing the depth and strength of the KUGB. Special mention goes to the Senior individual events where all four retained their titles : Holly Sterling in the Senior Female Kata for the 10th time, Rhianne Blundell in the Senior Female Kumite, Jack Somers in the Senior Male Kata and Joe Rawcliffe in the Senior Male Kumite. A fantastic achievement from them all.

The KUGB has three perpetual memorial trophies presented at the National Championships. These trophies are in memory of three Senseis that helped form and build the KUGB into the largest single style Karate organization in the UK. This year they were presented as follows:

The Sensei Charles Naylor Trophy for most outstanding competitor under 16 years was presented to Ilyas Hamid from Al Ghazali.

The Sensei Derek Langham Trophy for most outstanding competitor 16-20 years was presented to Bradley Williams of Woolton/Garston.

The Sensei Enoeda Trophy for most outstanding competitor over 21 years was presented to Joe Rawcliffe of Halewood.

Sensei Sherry was delighted that the National Championship was a such huge success. Both the number of competitors, including Jon McGorian who had travelled from the Falkland Islands in order to compete, had grown significantly as had the spectators. He was particularly pleased with the strong, spirited attitude and high technical standard of Karate from everyone who competed. He would like to congratulate all of the competitors and also thank the spectators, officials, volunteers, sponsors, medical teams and the staff of the Barclaycard Arena who, together, make this Championship such a prestigious and exciting event.


KUGB National Championships : Male Team Kumite
Male Team Kumite
1. Leeds Shotokan
2. Cambridge University
3. Bargoed
3. Halewood A

KUGB National Championships : Male Individual Kumite
Male Individual Kumite

1. Joe Rawcliffe - Halewood
2. Remigijus Jurgilaitus - Leeds Shotokan
3. Herve Vanderkerchove - Cambridge University
3. Sam Light - Sendai Kushiro

KUGB National Championships : Male Individual Kata
Male Individual Kata

1. Jack Somers - Ipswich Higashi
2. Hisham Saif - Al Ghazali
3. Stuart Amos - Red Triangle
4. Matthew Gibson - Sendai Kushiro

KUGB National Championships : Female Team Kumite
Female Team Kumite

1. Halewood
2. Manchester University
3. Kirkby
3. Chelmsford A

KUGB National Championships : Female Individual Kumite
Female Individual Kumite

1. Rhianne Rawcliffe - Halewood
2. Rebecca Rawcliffe - Halewood
3. Victoria Ogunseitan - Manchester University
3. Lottie Lindsley - Manchester University

KUGB National Championships : Female Individual Kata
Female Individual Kata

1. Holly Sterling - Sendai Kushiro
2. Cristina Finta - Manchester University
3. Thea Priest - KUGB Red Dragon
4. Rachel Edwards - Porthcawl

KUGB National Championships : Adult Team Kata
Adult Team Kata

1. Cambridge University
2. Sendai Kushiro
3. Ipswich Higashi
4. Backwell

KUGB National Championships : Male Junior Kumite 18-20
Male Junior Kumite 18-20

1. Ethan Armstrong - Leeds Shotokan
2. James Humphries - Leeds Shotokan
3. Ryan Spencer - Sendai Kushiro
3. Connor Wilson - St Johns

KUGB National Championships : Female Junior Kumite 16-20
Female Junior Kumite 16-20

1. Katherine Cheshire - Halewood
2. Thea Priest - KUGB Red Dragon
3. Amy Bunnett - Malvern
3. Ellen Weaver - Cambridge University

KUGB National Championships : Male Junior Kumite 16-17 Years
Male Junior Kumite 16-17 Years

1. Bradley Williams - Woolton/Garston
2. Callum Wilson - St Johns
3. Alex Cockx - Hale Karate Academy
3. Aidan McLean - Malvern

KUGB National Championships : Childrens Team Kata
Children's Team Kata

1. Al Ghazali
2. KUGB Chelmsford
3. Sendai Kushiro
4. KUGB Red Dragon

KUGB National Championships : Boys Kumite over 5ft5
Boys Kumite over 5'5"

1. Leon Hoban - USKF Ireland
2. Niall Gillian - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Ilyas Hamid - Al Ghazali
3. Mikey Molloy - Kirkby

KUGB National Championships : Girls Kumite 5ft3 and over
Girls Kumite 5'3" and over

1. Lily Rees - Tekki RS
2. Emily Kahl - Merthyr Tydfil
3. Kyra Bell - KUGB Kazoku
3. Grace Couch - Red Lion

KUGB National Championships : Boys Kumite 5ft-5ft5
Boys Kumite 5'-5'5"

1. Abdul Saif - Al Ghazali
2. Dylan McCloskey - Zanshin NI
3. Bradley Barker - Kirkby
3. Marcus Barker - Kirkby

KUGB National Championships : Girls Kumite Under 5ft3
Girls Kumite Under 5'3"

1. Molly Scully - Malvern
2. Penny Sinclair - Porthcawl
3. Bethany Nelson - Tekki RS
3. Hannah Rodden - Zanshin NI

KUGB National Championships : Boys Under 5ft Kumite
Boys Under 5' Kumite

1. Thomas Currie - Zanshin NI
2. Cowan Lewis - Akai Ryun
3. Thomas Hegarty - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Reece Hunt - Ipswich Higashi

KUGB National Championships : Boys 10-11 Kumite
Boys 10-11 Kumite

1. Sonny Groves - Malvern
2. Louis Jackson - Leeds Shotokan
3. Luca Harford - Shotokan Karate Academy
3. Alexander Lockett - KUGB Chelmsford

KUGB National Championships : Girls 10-11 Kumite
Girls 10-11 Kumite

1. Alice Jones - Merthyr Tydfil
2. Millie Christopher - Kirkby
3. Ellie Morris - Porthcawl
3. Hannah Baird - Ashington NKA

KUGB National Championships : Childrens Ippon Kumite
Children's Ippon Kumite

1. Layla King Lough - Sendai Kushiro
2. Ella Mackintosh - Sendai Kushiro
3. Caitlin Grimes - St Johns
3. Mayon Jayawickvama - Barnsley

KUGB National Championships : Childrens Dan Grade Kata
Children's Dan Grade Kata

1. Ilyas Hamid - Al Ghazali
2. Leon Hoban - USKF Ireland
3. Mia Hillsden - KUGB Chelmsford
4. Yusuf Pauls - Al Ghazali

KUGB National Championships : Childrens Kyu Grade Kata
Children's Kyu Grade Kata

1. Sam Ganner - KUGB Red Dragon
2. Tom Dale - Ichiban
3. Jakob Bruce - Malvern
4. Skye Taylor - Stock

KUGB National Championships : Charles Naylor Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor Under 16
The Charles Naylor Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor Under 16 was presented to Ilyas Hamid - Al Ghazali

KUGB National Championships : Derek Langham Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor 16-20
The Derek Langham Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor 16-20 was presented to Bradley Williams - Woolton/Garston

KUGB National Championships : Sensei Enoeda Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor Over 21
The Sensei Enoeda Trophy for Most Outstanding Competitor Over 21 was presented to Joe Rawcliffe - Halewood

KUGB National Championships : 50 Year LSM (Long Standing Member)
Sensei Ian MacLaren receiving his 50 year Long Standing Member certificate from Sensei Sherry.