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The Karate Union of Great Britain's (KUGB) International Squads of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales came together on Saturday 22th July at the Queens Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield for the final Grand Slam of 2017.

The Grand Slam is a major event in the KUGB calendar and has grown significantly in size and importance over the years, giving the National Coaches the opportunities to test and assess their Squads for the upcoming International Competitions and an opportunity for Squad Members to shine.

As with every Grand Slam, the Squads came together a couple of hours prior to the Competition to undergo a Training Session with their respective Coaches. At the same time, the Referees and Judges arrived for a briefing meeting. A competition of this calibre can make or break a Karateka's chance of selection and requires Officials of the highest level. Along with KUGB National Referees and Judges, there were also a large number of International Referees and Judges present along with our team of Timekeepers and Recorders.

National, European and World Champions competed side by side with those fairly new to the squad and throughout the eliminations and finals competition was fierce and there were some outstanding performances that entertained the watching crowd.

Sensei Sherry (9th Dan), Chairman and Chief Instructor of the KUGB, was extremely pleased with the strong attitude and spirit of all of the competitors. Of particular note was the ability and determination of the young Karateka coming through the ranks promising a very strong future for the KUGB.

Our thanks go to Dudley Wheatcroft and the members of Satori Shotokan Karate Club, the Manager and Staff at the Queen's Park Leisure Centre, our Referees and Judges, table staff and our team of Medics.



KUGB Grand Slam : Senior Male Team Kumite
Senior Male Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

KUGB Grand Slam : Junior Male Team Kumite
Junior Male Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

KUGB Grand Slam : Female Cadet Team Kumite
Female Cadet Team Kumite
1. England
2. Wales

KUGB Grand Slam : Senior Male Individual Kumite
Senior Male Individual Kumite
1. Joseph Rawcliffe - England
2. Ryan Tucker - England
3. Remigejus Jurgilaitis - England
4. Jonathan McGorian - England

KUGB Grand Slam : Senior Female Individual Kumite
Senior Female Individual Kumite
1. Rhianne Rawcliffe - England
2. Rebecca Rawcliffe - England
3. Caroline McGrath - England
3. Yasmin Geddis - Northern Ireland

KUGB Grand Slam : Male Individual Kata
Male Individual Kata
1. Jack Somer - England
2. Stuart Amos - England
3. Sam Light - England
4. Connor Wilson - England

KUGB Grand Slam : Female Individual Kata
Female Individual Kata
1. Thea Priest - England
2. Charlotte Parry - Wales
3. Mia Hillsden - England
4. Alice Jewitt - England

KUGB Grand Slam : Junior Male Individual Kumite 18-20
Junior Male Individual Kumite 18-20
1. Ethan Armstrong - England
2. Lee Baker - Wales
3. James Humphries - England
3. Kyle Watkins - Wales

KUGB Grand Slam : Cadet Male Individual Kumite Under 18 Years
Cadet Male Individual Kumite Under 18
1. Aidan McLean - England
2. Niall Gilligan - England
3. Shaun Mills - England
3. Nathan Brady - England

KUGB Grand Slam : Female Junior Kumite Under 21 Years
Female Junior Kumite Under 21
1. Katharine Cheshire - England
2. Gemma Gibson - England
3. Amy Bunnett - England
3. Kyra Bell - Scotland