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Examiners: Sensei A Sherry, 8th Dan, Sensei R Poynton, 7th Dan and Sensei C Naylor 7th Dan

Our congratulations to the following on their achievement:

Sandan Passes
Daniel Broudie, Picton
Joseph A Finlay, Leeds Karate Academy
Stephen J Jackson, Newcastle u Lyme
Peter J Marchant, Newcastle u Lyme
John Rogerson, Handbridge
Sarah Stopforth, Red Triangle

Yondan Passes
Maria Borg, Red Triangle
Frank Cole, Picton

Sandan and Yondan passes

Godan Pass(see main picture)
Keith Robson, Total Fitness Lancaster

Rokudan Passes(see main picture)
Lyndon Davies, Aberdare
Bill MacKenzie, Aaisatsu